How many treatments will I need?

This is dependent upon several factors; the injury, the timescale required for rehabilitation and also your budget. This initial session will need to be 1h15mins, but follow up treatments may only require 30 minute appointments. I offer both 30 and 60 minute follow up appointments along with a selection of treatment bundles to support those who require regular treatment.

What will be the format of my first treatment?

Admin – I will ask you to complete a client consultation form which includes standard personal information, lifestyle details & medical history.
Assessment – We will then discuss the reason for your visit and carry out special tests before I summarise an initial treatment plan with an explanation of my clinical reasoning for your understanding.
Treatment – I will use a mix of appropriate techniques depending on your assessment.  I will talk to you throughout the treatment and keep you informed of the soft tissues I am working on and the techniques I am using. I will frequently ask for your feedback on pressure, position and soft tissue response and provide instructions on techniques that provide your active input. At the end of the treatment I will re test areas to check for improvements.
Aftercare – I will provide an easy to follow programme of exercises and stretches for you to follow at home, work or in training.

What should I wear?

Appropriate loose fitting clothing is best; Underwear with shorts and t-shirt/vest. Ladies, please note sport bras do not always allow full access to your back/neck/shoulders, whereas a normal bra does.
I also use towels to provide additional coverage and warmth.

When should I not get a massage?

You should not book a massage if you have a cold, flu, fever or any kind of contagious skin infection. Some medical conditions also not allow massage therapy. If in doubt, please get in touch so we can discuss prior to making an appointment.

Is there anything I need to do before or after receiving a massage?

Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after your treatment. During a massage, circulation increases and toxins are released by the muscles and soft tissues.  Water helps remove these toxins and keeps your tissues hydrated.

What if the pressure is not enough or too much?

Please just tell me! Pressure often needs to change throughout, depending what part of the body is being worked on and the technique being used. Although I will frequently check with you, I will never take offence if you request more or less pressure. Some techniques will require a more uncomfortable level of pressure, but I will discuss this with you before applying these techniques.

Will it be painful?

Treatment is always performed within your pain threshold. Pain is unavoidable with some deep tissue techniques. I use a scale of 1 to 10 so it is personal to each client (1 is no pain and 10 is very painful).

What if I need to cancel?

If you cancel 24 hours before your appointment there will be no charge. However, please be aware repeat cancellations may require up-front payment for your next treatment. If you cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged the full price.

Can I easily park?

Yes, I have a driveway which can be used or there is free roadside parking outside. If using roadside parking, please be considerate of my neighbours and their access.

What if I am running late?

If you arrive early for your appointment, I may still be in clinic with another client. Please wait outside and I will be ready by the time of your appointment.
If you are running late for your appointment, please let me know as soon as you know. If I’m not seeing another client directly after you, I will try and accommodate you, however, your session may need to run to the original finish time and you will still be charged the full fee.